I have a noob question regarding OpenSceneGraph on 10.5 Leopard.

When I goto the download pages, I notice there is no binary distribution for the 2.4 release.

Anyhow, I downloaded the source which built. :slight_smile: Albeit, a few hundred warnings but it built. I watched the binary distro installation video.

I wager that I’m going to install all the *.frameworks in the build/Deployment directory into /Library/Frameworks . Also, the build creates a bunch of .so binaries – I’d assume these are the plugins. And plugins live in /Library/Application Support/OpenSceneGraph/plugins ?

Most of the little Applications in the build directory appear to run. Though, not all.

Hi Nib,

The best place to ask questions about OpenSceneGraph is on the osg-users mailing list, here you’ll find OSX/OpenSceneGraph users that’ll help you along your way.

To subscribe to osg-users list head over to:


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