orthographic zooming


I am developing project in vc++ based on PCB designing using OpenGL Graphics. In my project, i am using orthographic projection. Please help me in developing the code for zoom in and zoom out & selected area zooming.

Zooming is very simple. Just scale the parameters to a symmetric glOrtho projection – scale them up to zoom out, scale them down to zoom in.

can you send me some example code please.

There’s nothing to it, really. Just call glOrtho on the top of the projection matrix stack.

glOrtho(leftzoom, rightzoom, bottomzoom, topzoom, near, far);

Vanitha, did you need help with something other than just the projection matrix? I’m afraid I don’t know where to begin or end with such an open-ended question. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here (I’m sure a similar question has come up before).

Here you can find some information about the camera:
More important, see this FAQ:
8.040 How do I implement a zoom operation? in the above link.