Organizing beginner steps

After writing to stackOverflow with no success (question too broad), I’m looking for help here. I’m constantly bouncing between partial documentation and links to outdated files. I’ve never programmed in openGL for c++ and VisualStudio for Windows(7), while I did succesfully with openGles and Android. I’m really confused about a lack of step by step installation and use in VS.
I’m currently trying to understand which are considered to be the standard libraries for programming OpenGL in 2015. Glew? Glfw? Glut? FreeGlut?
Which files am I supposed to include and link in VS?

Have you tried Googling “visual studio opengl tutorial”?

There are video tutorials which I think will be very helpful to you.

Carmine I’ve seen a lot of them. The problem is that almost everyone uses different setups and outdated files.
I just want a non politically correct answer to what libraries are considered to be the standard ones.

As you have already noted, there are no standard libraries to support OpenGL based application development.
But I like it very much because only a vendor driver and glext.h (and glxext.h/wglext.h) are actually needed in order to get OpenGL support on Linux/Windows.
And, of course, a support in hardware.