Optimizing WebGl for a WordPress plugin

Hello, Hi, I have used WebGl in a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create a Marquee of moving pixels.

I’m optimizing it as much as possible. But the Garbage Collector keeps causing crashes.
A previous code, used the offset in:

    gl.vertexAttribPointer ( positionLocation, 2, gl.FLOAT, offset, 0,0 );

to move the marquee during animation (you will understand this better by looking at the purpose of the plugin and its code)

But as far as I could understand, modifying vertexAttribPointer was slower than updating a uniform float.

I think this code is the most optimal I have achieved. I also used textures with similar results.

This is a direct link to the code:
Please take a look at the plugin:
[https://wordpress.org/plugins/animated-pixel-marquee-creator/](http://Animated Pixel Marquee Creator)

You can contribute on gitHub if you prefer:

Any contribution will be greatly appreciated and we can add the name if you wish.
Thank you very much in advance.