Optimizing opengl for 2d rendering

hello, i am currently using X4.0.3 and mesa for a project that consists of:
simply displaying windows .bmp format
bitmap images in quick succession to
much like a comic strip animation this is a very basic(lame) thing to do as it does not require any 3d rendering or acceleration. i am wondering if anyone might know how i would go about optimizing a system for this operation, even if it disables all 3d rendering capabilities or 3d rendering. I am just doing repititive calls to glDrawPixels(). thanks in advance

With such a system you’d probably be better off dumping OpenGL altogether and just going with X11 calls.

i had looked into other possible API’s but am also using a significant amount of line drawing and anti-aliasing, thanks to opengl. it is just that the most intensive operations are these glDrawPixels() calls for a full 640x480 screen, and attempting to get 20+fps in this manner. thank you

Hi !

glDrawPixels is almost always pretty slow so there isn’t much you can do about that, unless you start to fool around with card specific stuff.


If your target card supports big texture you can simply draw a textured quad with an orthogonal projection matrix. Usually it is faster than a glDrawPixels. I’m using this system for the GUI of my new gui…it works, but the only problem is that you are confined to use ^2 size textures…

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