Optimal Size of DisplayLists

How can I know the optimal size of display lists in order to dont get a performance penalty due to data transfer?

This probably changes according to the gfx card, but…

What have you experienced?


Hi !

Short answer, you can’t. I guess as long as it fits in the video memory it is optimal, but that’s not easy to know because you don’t know how much memory the display list is using and some implementations uses huge amounts of memory for display lists.


Also you might not want to use lists for small meshes as the list calling overhead might not be worth it.And bear in mind that lists cost more memory-wise than the vertices(tex. coords,colors,etc.) they contain so very big meshes might not big a good idea as well.


Yes zen, that’s what I was thinking… Just posted it here cause I was wondering if any of you could estimate some values like the amount of vertices that would fit the optimal range.

But as Mikael said, we probably cant figure it out how much memory the display list is using…

Anyway, Thanks for your help!

I think it is hardware dependent, but i have successfully used 400,000 triangles and it works faster than inline calls… so you have some basis to proceed…