Opposite of Scissor Test?

Can anyone describe (in detail) how to do the exact opposite of a scissor test? All my drawing is in 2D and I’ve been trying to work with the Depth buffer, but I cannot get close to what I really need. Basically, I will be drawing on the screen, and then at any given time, I will define a rectangle in which nothing new can be drawn inside even though a line may cross over it. Then, at any given time, I will remove that area and keep drawing over the entire screen before completeing a single frame. Any suggestions?

Look up stencil testing (section 4.1.5 in the spec).

Is there anything other than stencil? When I set GLUT_STENCIL in glutInitDisplayMode, I get the following error when executing the program:
“visual with necessary capabilities not found.”
Could this be a problem with the latest nVidia driver for Linux? I tried it with an ATI card on Linux, and that worked, but I am required to get this working with the nVidia card.

Stencil buffering might not be available on 16bit displays.

If you’re running a windowed app (I guess you are), you’ll have to switch your desktop to 32 bits color depth.

Thanks for the help. 32bit was not supported by the graphics driver, but 24 is and the Stencil Test works now also. Thanks again.