OpenXR Unity Mac

Hi - newbie here

I am trying to use OpenXR with the Pico VR headset and Unity via a Mac. What I am struggling to understand is OpenXR incompatible with Unity on Mac or is it the Pico implementation?

Does anyone know or can point to some documentation, please?

Well OpenXR is not available on your Mac, only on the Pico device itself, in your case. There should be no reason why it wouldn’t work to build an Android APK using OpenXR from Unity on Mac, so I suspect you’re hitting a Unity bug/limitation.

Thanks for the reply.

I think the Pico Unity plug-in isn’t Mac friendly according to some documentation I found on their website.

So it sounds like I need to revisit the how to package a generic Android Apk.


Yeah you should not need anything pico-specific, unless you want to use a pico-only extension. (and that should be doable using only c# code honestly) That’s kind of the point of OpenXR :slight_smile:

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