OpenXR support with Unity

My name is Oleksii. I’m a Lead R&D Software Engineer at Program-Ace.
I’m writing to you to get some expertise in your technology OpenXR.
Now we’re developing a VR app in Unity, and we would like to port it to OpenXR. The reason is that we would like to have support from all mentioned by OpenXR platforms and hardware.
Also, we want to be sure that the final app will have not issues with OpenXR and markets (Oculus, Steam, PSVR, etc).
Some info about our app:

  • Unity 2019.4.5
  • Target platform: Oculus Quest
  • VR SDK: Oculus SDK.

We want to clarify some aspects of OpenXR. Could you please provide this info? We would like to know:

  • Which devices are compatible with OpenXR?
  • Could it work with other SDK and how to handle libraries conflicts?
  • Will application stores accept applications written in OpenXR? Are there some examples of apps in the stores written in OpenXR?
  • Is there an example of the Unity project with full OpenXR integration?

Your help is much appreciated!

Hello, Unity just released a preview version of OpenXR support for 2020.2. This initial preview version only supports desktop windows OpenXR runtimes, though we will be supporting Quest native deployment soon.

OpenXR Announcement

@rickmus Are there any updates to supporting Quest native deployment? I saw that Oculus Mobile OpenXR SDK has some instructions on creating a loader. Is that what you’re referring to?