OpenXR popup keyboard for Vive and Quest

I asked this in the Unity forum, but no answer yet, so hopefully someone here can help me.

I am testing the possibility to have one Unity project for both the Vive and the Quest using OpenXR. The basics work, I can build and run the project on both and the XR rig is working (although on the Quest the cube and menu that in the scene are in front of the camera are behind me, even after recentering??!!)

But now I want to include user interaction. How can I open a popup keyboard in VR using OpenXR/OpenXR Interaction Toolkit on the Vive and on the Quest?

I have seen a lot of posts for the Quest, where you set ‘Requires System Keyboard’ in OVRManager and then add it to the Android Manifest, but this OVRManager no longer exists in OpenXR.

I also found a thread where the solution is to use TouchScreenKeyboard.Open, but that doesn’t work in both headsets.

So please help. Thanks.

There is no OpenXR-standard keyboard API right now. You can have an in-app keyboard, or you can use more typical XR interaction, or a bluetooth keyboard, but right now there is no way to pop up a virtual keyboard across headsets. (I do not know if Unity provides a virtual keyboard.)

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