OpenXR Plugin for ApertusVR

Dear All,

We just release the first version of the OpenXR Plugin for ApertusVR.
ApertusVR is an open source VR software library so anyone can use the OpenXR Plugin for creating immersive and multi-user VR apps.
Currently, the OpenXR Plugin only supports DX11 on Windows, but we planned to implement all of the supported OS and rendering APIs.
We planned to use OpenXR on Android with OpenGL to create a multi-user environment for educational purposes and connect Windows machines with Android phones in VR space.
So after the DX11 Windows support, we’ll publish the Android OpenGL support as well and also provide example app.


Not seeing it on github. When will it be posted?


It can be found in the development branch called 0.9.1

You can try it by the hmd/openXR sample

After the build just run
(YourBuildFolder)/bin/release/apeSampleLauncher.exe (YourSourceFolder)/samples/hmd/openXR/

Wonderful, thank you! Csodálatos!

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