OpenXR Coordinate System Axis Directions

I am confused about the directions of axes in OpenXR’s coordinate system, specifically how to interpret a Quaternionf struct. The OpenXR documentation states that “This API uses a Cartesian right-handed coordinate system,” but doesn’t the graphic next to it show a left-handed system? According to a physics class I took, the thumb goes up, index finger forward, and middle finger right/left. Is this different for computer graphics? Additionally, can someone please explain which direction each axis points? From the graphic, I assume +y is up, +x forward, and +z right. Thanks!

Can’t believe I missed this. In the reference space enum, the OpenXR docs specify axis directions: “+Y up, +X to the right, and -Z forward”

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That’s what the image at The OpenXR Specification is trying to show. Is it not clear enough, would some more labels like “forward” be helpful?


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Yes, labels would have been helpful.

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