Hi All,

I am relatively new to OpenVG and currently am just experimenting with some code. The following scenario led me to ask this question:

  • I am currently working on EFL Port of Webkit in Linux env (ubuntu 11.04)
  • spc requirement is to try to enable OpenVG in EFL webkit port.
  • I have all the needed libraries installed (EGL/Mesa etc and Amanith VG ).
  • When the EGL calls are being made, i am able to creat the pbuffer surface.

–> When i am trying to call vgCreatePath, getting stuck with VG_NO_CONTEXT_ERROR.
I had gone through OpenVG specs, where its mentioned “If no context is current at the time vgGetError is called, the error code VG_NO_CONTEXT_ERROR is returned”. I could not get much out of this statement while running the code :frowning: .

Any pointers, links , help would be highly appreciated.

PS: Being new to OpenVG, I may have missed out on providing more relevant information for the problem statement , which I would be more than happy to provide. :?


Hi sammy,

I’m Matteo Muratori, the main coder of AmanithVG.
In order to use AmanithVG GLE, you must:

  1. instantiate (and make it current) a valid OpenGL / OpenGL ES context + surface; such surface must “contain” a color buffer and a depth buffer (or stencil buffer). So I suggest you to include the following attributes when you create the pbuffer surface: EGL_BUFFER_SIZE, 32, EGL_DEPTH_SIZE, 24, EGL_STENCIL_SIZE, 8

  2. make the GL surface and context current, using eglMakeCurrent

  3. initialize AmanithVG GLE driver, creating an OpenVG context + surface:

void *vgContext = NULL;
void *vgSurface = NULL;
VGboolean initOpenVG(const VGint width, const VGint height) {
    vgContext = vgPrivContextCreateMZT(NULL);
    if (!vgContext)
        return VG_FALSE;
    vgSurface = vgPrivSurfaceCreateMZT(width, height, VG_FALSE, VG_TRUE);
    if (!vgSurface) {
        return VG_FALSE;
    if (vgPrivMakeCurrentMZT(vgContext, vgSurface) == VG_FALSE) {
        return VG_FALSE;
    return VG_TRUE;

The vgPrivMakeCurrentMZT call can fail if your current GL surface has no depth buffer nor stencil buffer attached. In such case, VG_FALSE is returned and every OpenVG function returns VG_NO_CONTEXT_ERROR.
Anyway, if you are going to use AmanithVG in conjunction with Webkit, I would suggest to have a try with AmanithVG SRE, that is more suitable for high quality rendering, and it includes an EGL 1.4 layer too (so you can totally exclude Mesa/OpenGL).

If you need more details, please feel free to contact me via private message.

Kind Regards,