OpenVG reference implementation

I see Hybrid has developed a sample implementation. Are there any plans to make the source to this library available to non-Khronos members?

Also, I’m having a hard time finding any sample code written to the VG API. If anyone has examples I’d be very interested in seeing them.

Hi Ajax,

there are no plans to make the source available to non-Khronos members. If you’re planning to make an implementation of OpenVG, you should join Khronos (or at least become an Adopter for OpenVG) as you’ll definitely want to have access to the conformance tests etc. once they are available.

We’re very much aware of the situation with sample code. Hybrid is going to make its high-performance OpenVG implementation (which is completely separate from the reference one) available on a couple of platforms in Q1/2006 and we should have at least some samples in that package. Hopefully others are working on samples as well (and willing to share them).


Any news on this?

Go get it from the Hybrid download site. It’s included as a part of the Rasteroid 2 package.


Cool, thanks. The termination clause on the license to the sample apps is a bit goofy, but I’ll live.

Are the EGL 1.2 tokens in the included egl.h official values? I note that the official EGL page still lists the 1.2 header as “coming soon”.