OpenVG + OpenGL


I asked this question on the OpenVG forums, but never got a response.

This question is mainly aimed at the ATI/NVIDIA people that are here. Is there any chance that OpenVG will be brought to the desktop?

I think that OpenVG + OpenGL would make a great combination.


There are implementations of OpenVG over OpenGL:

Another implementations:

There is one open source implementation of OpenVG over OpenGL worked by Ivan Leben called ShivaVG:

Ivan’s blog which follows the project is the ShivaVG Developer Blog:

I had heard of AmanithVG, the RI and Zack Rusin’s implementation, but not ShivaVG.

What I was implying was an implementation of OpenVG on hardware, not just built onto of an existing OpenGL implementation (although I really don’t know what the difference would be).