OpenVG Installation


Can anyone of you please provide me with the detailed installation procedure for OpenVG on windows/Linux.


Open VG is spec - an API.
An installation requires an implementation of that spec.
There are several vendors who make drivers which implement the OpenVG spec.
Needless to say, different vendors use different methods.

So, first thing you’ll need is a OpenVG driver.

  • ShivaVG is one
  • AmanithVG is another
  • Mesa’s nightly builds have one
  • the Khronos reference implementation is also available.
  • as well as a bunch of others.

In general though, it’s not complicated. Once you have the driver, include the .h files into your project and link against the provided libraries (and make sure your output binary is in the same directory as any dynamically linked libraries). That’s it.

Right, exactly what Ivo said, but I wouldn’t call it a driver, it’s more an OpenVG implementation that can be a software rasterized, accelerated by a VG driver or an OpenVG implementation on top of GL/GLES that be software rasterized or accelerated by a GL/GLES driver.

Hi Ivo, jpilon

Thanks for providing me with the required information.


Ivo, jpilon

I have run couple of examples using ShivaVG. However my ultimate goal is to have some applications running on hardware. The point is I need a standard vendor, by standard I meant "A vendor whose implementation of OpenVG API is proven to be efficient and is already used in various existing hardwares by various companies ". I would like to know a proven vendor in the market.