OpenVG conformance testing, running select groups

Hi Everyone,

I am currently trying to correct some errors in a driver project that causes the driver to fail
-4 tests in group G
-3 tests in group J
-1 test in group K
-4 tests in group N

So I am trying to limit the number of tests ran to just the failing ones. I had a quick scan through the code and discovered the “-f” option, so i created the file “test_set” with the following entries:

and then I ran ./generator -v 2 -f test_set

this reported only tests in group N, but they were all being skipped.

I carried on and tried ./report -v 2 (as -f seemed to be a “bad option”) and it came up that lots of test from Group A failed without showing anything from group N.

what am I missing? is there an option for report that I should add that i haven’t done? Is there any documentation on running tests that i have not come across yet?

I appreciate any time you can spare to enlighten me :slight_smile:
-Thanks, Chris

So far i am having success with

*./generator -v 2 -f test_set

  • ./report -v -1 specific_test

I would like to see reports on all failed tests or something like that but I could just modify the code fore something like that.

Thanks, hope this helps someone.

p.s. I would still welcome any links to documentation, if such things are available in the members area then please do let me know, it would be appreciated.

Thanks, Chris