Opensource Linux Video App

Being totaly frustrated with the unprofessionalism of Jahshaka and Cinellerra, and needing a good Linux/Irix NLE app, I have decided to open a sourceforge project to fulfill my needs. However, I will need help, lots of help. Anyway, I’m just looking here to see if I can generate any intrest.

Goals and Overview for Positron:

Full Non-liner editor video editing application with unlimited audio and video tracks
Support for Linux and Irix systems
Off line proxies of movie files
Edit in resolutions upto 2k (2000x2000)
8-16bpp color depths
OpenGL based rendering pipeline
Heterogeneous Renderfarm support
Color Correcting
Key framed effects and transitions
Input and Output to many formats (.avi, .mov,
GPU accelerated effects
Support for PPC and x86 version of Linux
Full Featured Color keyer
GUI designed to be the cleanest and most
efficient as possible

The goal of the Positron project is to finally
bring the film/HD video editing market to the GPL/Linux
world. Positron will be open source, but strive to be as
professional as possible. Positron will follow a very strict
release schedule. Every two months a new minor
version will be released, with a bug patch following 1-2
weeks later. The above features should be ready for
release no later than 1 year after the initial launch date.

Positron will leverage existing technologies
(such as ffmpeg, HPVM, and OpenEXR) to speed up
the development progress. Unlike many other open
source video applications, Positron will attempt to meet
the needs of the video/entertainment industry in as short
a time as possible.

The ultimate goal is to try to bring the
Discreet Smoke, Avid DS and Apple Final Cut Pro
users to the GPL world, by meeting their needs as
quickly as possible.

Note: Positron is not designed to be a low
end DV home editing suite. It is aimed at the HD, and
Film professional looking for a cost effective answer to
the outrageous prices often demanded by the
commercial companies.

Positron will be contacting many hardware
suppliers for donations for the equipment needed.

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