openscenegraph OSG

i am using openscenegraph for rendering .flt files.Using osgviewer i can walk thru .flt file. my model(.flt) is forest terrain.
my problem is, i am seeing white line between two trees.what may be the problem?
is it problem of visual database? i have a image showing the problem.i have marked the problem in red. Please help me to find out the solution.
Thanks in advance.

Link to the image

OpenSceneGraph has a very active and vibrant mailing list.
You will likely get a better response there.

From your picture it’s clear that the alpha layer in trees in-front of other trees is not blending correctly with objects behind. If you are using osgviewer as a client and not coding yourself then you’ll need to see what osgviewer can do for you and people on the OpenSceneGraph mailing list will have a better idea of that.

Another option would be to alter your tree texture’s alpha layer.

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