Openmax IL implementation

Bellagios implementation of Openmax-IL is platform & OS specific. I want to know how Openmax-IL can help codec vendors, who are not sure about which OS his client will be using.
If Openmax-IL API`s has to be implemented for each and every OS(for eg.Symbian which already has MMF, MDF) then how can Openmax-IL be helpful.
Thanking you
Yours friendly

Hi Praveen,
Bellagio at the moment runs on Linux on ARM and x86.
Support for other OSes will be added in the future.
OpenMAX IL standardizes access to MM components in an OS independent way.
But OpenMAX IL is an API, hence the implementation will always be OS specific.
The plan for Bellagio is adding support for more OSes so that a component can be written in the Bellagio framework and then reused in Linux, SYmbian and other OSes.
Hope this helps.