OpenMAX IL implementation

Any body can help me. I am working on OpenMAX (Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer 0.2 project) project. Bellagio implementation contains three components, alsasink, audioeffects, ffmpeg.Among these three first two components alsasink, audioeffects working properly. But ffmpeg is not registering and unable to execute ffmpeg(*.mp3). Please help me to execute or registering the ffmpeg plugin.


Hello Jothibasu,
it is likely an issue with your ffmpeg installation.
Please make sure you follow the instructions that can be found in the README file that comes with the Bellagio distribution.
You can test if your ffmpeg support is OK by, for example, trying to use Mplayer.




       Thank you for your kind help. I have installed ffmpeg-0.4.9 pre1.

I like to know where can I get ffmpeg-0.4.9.


Hi Jyothi,

I am working on "porting"OpenMAX (Bellagio OpenMAX Integration Layer 0.2 project) project to win32, and do not have the installation of ffmpeg(mp3). It would be really helpful if you can post the installation path or send the installation to

Many Thanks,

Hello Friends,
I am very new to Open max, and finding tuff to implement IL.
Since i have basic knowledge of Audio/Video porting.
Now i have been put to openmax implementation.

I have some reference codes (like FAAD, mp3 etc), how do i go about using it. So that it becomes Openmax compliant.