openmax_dl_spec_1_0_2 [ Coefficient buffers]

Dear All,

I am studying the OMXVCM4P2 and I have some problems in understanding Coefficient buffers:

1- External Prediction Coefficient Buffer Update Procedures Means that We have to do the buffer updates or is it already done inside.

2- If we have to do it then the following statement is confusing for me:

" I (the DC coefficient of block BD in the previous MB) is updated to the location of H after encoding BC of the current MB. Similarly, D (the DC coefficient of block BD in the current MB) coefficient will be copied to the location of G after encoding BC of the next macroblock. "

You can refer to page-184 of the spec document.

3- the " 2. P-Frame Prediction Coefficient Buffer Update on page 184 " says that " The prediction coefficient buffer pointers are not updated during encoding P-MBs, and therefore the following update procedure should be implemented after encoding a P-MB ". However a P MB means intra/inter MB (both). ISO spec says that this should be done for intra, is it not confusing…

Kindly answer my questions at yoru earliest…