[OpenMAX DL]Does OMX interface support 24bit PCM output?

  1. I’m using DL mp3 functions and the first question is that I find the QMFS function only have S16 output.
    I wonder that if OpenMAX DL has plan to support 24bit PCM output. Otherwise, I can’t but modify the interface to support it myself.

  2. In SPEC1.0, OpenMAX Interface can support MPEG2.5. But I found that the Interface parameter can’t pass enough information for MPEG2.5 in IMDCT.

  3. Does OMX interface has plan to support MPEG1 Layer2?


Firstly my apologies for not replying earlier - I haven’t been following this forum.

I’m not the audio expert, but I believe that all of these three items are beyond the scope of the current v1.0.2 (due next week) specification.

The group is currently having early discussions about version 1.1 (which plans to add new profiles & extra APIs to the currently supported codecs) and version 2.0 (which will add new codecs).

If you are a member of Khronos then you can make a proposal describing new APIs, and contact the group via the internal openmax_dl_technical e-mail alias.

If you are not a member of Khronos, then due to IP pollution issues we cannot accept an API proposal, however we would still be very interested in hearing in more detail why you need these changes, so that the group is better informed when deciding what APIs to tackle for v1.1 and v2.0.

Regards, Hedley