OpenMAX DL 1.0.2 Specification : - SubAndTransform


This is sandeep, seeking your help in understanding, OpenMAX DL 1.0.2 Specification : : SubAndTransformQDQResidual API.

It says,

[li] “This function can also output dequantized coefficients or unquantized DC[/li]coefficients optionally by setting the pointers pDstDeQuantCoeff, pDCCoeff”.

[li] Output Parameters[/li] • pDstDeQuantCoeff - Pointer to the dequantized transformed coefficients if this parameter is not
equal to NULL. 8-byte alignment required.
• pDCCoeff - Pointer to the unquantized DC coefficient if this parameter is not equal to NULL.

[li] Returns[/li] OMX_Sts_BadArgErr – bad arguments; returned if any of the following conditions are true:
at least one of the following pointers is NULL: pSrcOrg, pSrcPred, pNumCoeff,
pDstQuantCoeff, pDstDeQuantCoeff, pDCCoeff.

If we consider first and second statement, we can give NULL to pDstDeQuantCoeff, pDCCoeff, if we do not want it
to do dequantization and transform.

If we consider last statement, we can not give NULL to those arguments, as it returns bad argument.

So, are they mandatory or optional arguments?

Please clarify.

Sandeep K L.