OpenGLES 3.0 GL_R8 texture cannot attach fbo

The description of gles spec is that GL_R8 texture is supported as renderbuffer, but attach fbo fails in practical applications, Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?

No. GL_R8 textures are supported as texture attachments, and GL_R8 renderbuffers are supported as renderbuffer attachments.

That said, the GLES 3.0 spec does require: 1) GL_R8 to be a color-renderable format, as well as 2) support for both GL_R8 textures and renderbuffers.

  • Is it a texture or a renderbuffer?
  • Are you calling glFramebufferTexture2D() or glFramebufferRenderbuffer()
  • Have you double-checked the arguments?
  • Do you have the FBO bound?
  • Which GL error are you getting?
  • Let’s see your code (FBO creation, texture or renderbuffer creation, FBO bind, and FBO attachment call)