opengl32 for counterstrike

I had to deleted the opengl32.dll file in my half life folder cus my brother pasted another opengl32.dll file with hacks onto it…so to get rid of the hacks…i had to deleted it…and now graphics arent the same…how do i get it back…i tried reinstalling the game, and drivers for gfx card.

i have dell windows xp…geforce 3 ti 2oo fyi. Ive tried everything but reformatting…i think the key is to get the original opengl32 file back into my half life folder…but i dont know how…or if it would work newyaz

Uninstall Half-Life and then manually delete the folder that is left, then reinstall.

i tried…didnt help. the graphics for the maps are fine.but the ct’s are almost black and so hard to see specially in shadows…it isnt normal…and the T’s with Greenshirts even turn black in the shadows…its not gamma/brightness or moniter settings.ive tried those