I have a GeForce2 MX/MX 400 and run Windows98SE, and for the past four months, all of my OpenGL games have locked up after playing them for a while. For a full description of my problem, go here:

After trying I don’t know how many things to solve this problem, all to no avail, I think I finally found the solution. I deleted the opengl32.dll that was in my win/system directory and replaced it with the version that’s 717k in size and dated 7/29/96. After doing this, I played Elite Force for five hours and it never crashed. Previously, it crashed every single time I played it, anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours after launching it. But today, it was still going after five hours with no problems. So if anyone else is having OpenGL games lock up under Windows98SE, delete the opengl32.dll in your win/system folder and replace it with the 717k version dated 7/29/96 and see if that helps.