OpenGL32.dll problem

Ok, here is the thing. Please I need HELP not FLAMES. I tried to do some things to get wallhack enabled for CounterStrike, but I ended up messing up my OpenGL32.dll somehow. NOw, whenever I try to play any games, I get a messed up Error that opengl32.dll had caused a problem. In CS, it fails to connect to a server, or even Create a Game and givs me an error that says “This OpenGL Mode is not supported by your video card.” I have a RIVA TNT2 M64 16mb vid card. I have tried EVERYTHING, I tried DLing the GLSetup and doing that, I tried DLing my video cards latest drivers, I even tried reinstalling my video cards old drivers. I’m at a loss right now, I know this is what I get for cheating, but if anyone could help me fix this I would be deeply appreciative. If the only thing I can do is format, then how do I format my computer? I have a Recovery CD but the damned thing wont work. So how do I format my harddrive without the CD? Would I need to reinstall an OS after I formatted or would the OS still be there? Please help me out.

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ur problem: u hacked the WRONG FILE dude.
Have u tryed to reinstall HL/CS.
and have ur problem also eflikted to other games (IE quake2)???

Yep its effected every game I own. If everything else fails, I’ve backed up anything I need from my computer like program installers and what not so I can format. What I want to know is, if I format, will I lose the Operating System with it? Or will the OS still be there, but with most things gone.

Go to Start/Programs/accessories/system tools/system information. Under the tools menu use system file checker to repair or replace the opengl file you damaged. No need to format or reinstall anything.

Ok I went there and tried to do what you said, but there is nothing under the Tools tab called System File Checker. I have Windows ME and the only things under that tab are:

System Restore
Fault Log
Network Diagnostics
DirectX Diagnostic Tool
Update Wizard Uninstall
Signature Verification Tool
Registry Checker
Automatic Skip Driver Agent
Dr Watson
System Configuration Utility
WMI Control

And thats it. This is really crappy…now if anyone can’t give me a hand in fixing the problem, can you please tell me how to format my computer because I dont have a OS CD, Windows ME came installed and I have a Restore CD that doesn’t want to work. Would I be better off installing a different OS? If I am, all I would have to do is find the stupid thing.

Well, I fixed my computer. I got someone else’s OpenGl32.dll file and replaced mine with it, now my stuff works normally. I have never cheated at a game before and I wouldn’t have tried it unless my friend had showed me his ****en 84/4 kill to death ratio screenshot on CS. man its gay. Anyway, a word to the wise, however good it may look, cheating always brings about the wrong ****, as I’ve learned once and for all. Peace.