OpenGL32.dll Problem

I have had some problems with the OpenGL32.dll file provided for Windows 98 SE. The problem I have is that when I try to execute a program using OpenGL, it gives me the following error:

“The OPENGL32.DLL file is linked to missing export GDI32.DLL:GdiSwapBuffers.”

I have done some research of how to solve this problem, and I found that Microsoft created an OpenGL32.dll update for Win98 here:

and after I installed the new DLL, it does not give me the GdiSwapBuffers Error, but it now gives me an error that glGenTextures and glBindTexutre cannot be found in the updated OpenGL32.dll:

“The file is linked to missing export OPENGL32.DLL:glBindTexture”

How can this problem be fixed? Is there an updated OpenGL32.dll I can download for Win98?
Thank You for any help.

  • VC6-OGL

Hey VC6-OGL,

It's odd that those exports don't exist in the OpenGL32.dll. I mean i know microsoft makes their drivers for OpenGL weak and slow and not full of features, but those two procedures SHOULD be there. Well, when I want to update my OpenGL32.dll, I usually download the latest videocard drivers from the manufacturer's website. This way, you get the extensions for your specific video card and usually the drivers are much much newer and updated than the windows ones. Plus, they'll be OpenGL 1.4 compliant instead of OpenGL 1.1.
  • Halcyon

go here and extract the file to C:\Windows\System

it happened to me aswell

Hello GrIMloCk,

Thank you for the link to the OpenGL32.dll file. It no longer gives me the GDI:SwapBuffers error. All of my programs now run fine given the new DLL file. Thank you for your help.

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