?? opengl32.dll / opengl32.lib (Win32)

I’d just like to know is opengl32.lib
an import library for opengl32.dll
(it does LoadLibrary of .dll …etc for me),
or is the static link version of opengl32.dll

Also since I have Voodoo2 shall I use the
3Dfx miniGL dll, because I have troubles viewing FullScreen (Nehe tutorials)?

Can only answer the first question. opengl32.lib is an import library for opengl32.dll. So, the .DLL-file is required in runtime.

Hi, I also have a Voodoo2. (spent a lot of days for drivers etc. trying to make it work).
The correct way to write apps (thinking that it might run everywhere) requires that you detect if a 3dfx card is present. If not, proceed as usual. In the other case you must load dynamically the file 3dfxvgl.dll (or something like this) and get all the proc addresses you need…
I know this seems terrible…
The simplest way is to code your program normally, say like NeHe’s tuts, and put a copy of 3dfxvgl.dll renamed to opengl32.dll in the app dir, and hope that your users that own a 3dfx will do the same.
I like the 2nd way… bye

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Thanks for answers! I thought about detecting
(enumerating) different cards. I just dont know how to do that. Also how could I select
on wich card will the OpenGL render (except selecting 3dfxminigl.dll) ?

I have ATI 3DXpression+ and Voodoo2