Opengl32.dll, Glu32.dll and Win95/NT4

I’ve done some deployment testing with Opengl32.dll and Glu32.dll and discovered that my app. only works on Win95 and NT4 with versions dated 7/29/1996. If I use later versions of these dlls, my app will not work on Win95 (can’t the dll I created that uses OpenGL). I can only conclude that dll versions dated 7/29/1996 only work on Win95. Has anyone else made the same unfortunate discovery?


You are not supposed to overwrite OpenGL32.dll and GLU32.dll AT ALL ! YOU SHOULD NOT TOUCH THEM !

These DLLs come with Windows and only MS can change them. One exception though, Windows 95 first version (i.e. b4 OSR2) did not come with it and there is an OpenGL95.exe that users can download to install it.

Now, if you DO NOT change those DLLs and you simply install your app on the target machine, eveything should run fine.



Hi Eric,
Thanks for the info… The reason why I was playing with fire is there seems to be a bug in the July 1996 versions of OpenGL32.dll and Glu32.dll… When using the July versions, a bug appeared in my product; one that was not present on later versions of the dlls (those bundled with WinNT). A line, projecting from the bottom of the vessel (I programmed a 3D bathymetric charting system) would “shake” when the viewing point would change (rotations, etc.). I also noticed this was related to changing the size of the window. My solution is to not deal with Win95.

Again, thanks for your feedback.