OPENGL32.DLL on the network peer to peer
I have to find on the network peer to peer file opengl32.dll of a size of 40 KB.
It is what these versions? some it do not seem to use glut32.dll.
He is you dangerous to make them test by a appli OpenGL by copying the file opengl.dll in
the repertory of the application?

I do not dare too to test them

opengl32.dll is a system file.
This means it’s part of the Windows OS.
It is located in Windows/system32 or winnt/system32 on WinNT generation.
It is in Windows/System on Win95 generation.

I recommend that you do not download it. If you have this file in your games folder, rename it to something else or delete.

glut32.dll is something else. This is not a system dll. Keep it in the applications folder (repertoire) but it’s ok to copy over to /system32