OpenGL2.0 software development code for download

Dear all.,

I need to download Opengl 2.0 software development code.
Please suggest links.

i am using Sitara AM3358 processor.
display port no: 659300(3ATI DHA P/N 659300)

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Chandana K S

Please see Getting Started in the OpenGL wiki.

Hi sir,
I read this link. but i am not getting where i will get Opengl 2.0 SDK code.
Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Chandana K S

Where are you reading that you need an SDK to use OpenGL?

OpenGL is a specification defining an API and the behavior of that API. Graphics drivers provide implementations of that specification via that API. Graphics drivers are typically provided by GPU manufacturers.

According to these:

that SOC has an Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX530 (Series 5) GPU on it. You need to check with your system or SOC provider to get graphics drivers and libraries for it. In cases like this (as I understand it), the GPU vendor provides driver source to the SOC/system designer, and they customize it for their system and provide graphics drivers to developers building on that SOC.

Also, given that this is an embedded system, you’re most likely looking for drivers providing OpenGL ES API support of a specific version or set of versions (e.g. 2.0, 3.2, etc.), not OpenGL support. OpenGL ES and OpenGL are separate (but related) API specification, with OpenGL ES being used widely on mobile/embedded GPUs, and OpenGL being the most prominent on desktop GPUs.

Hi sir…
thanks for your information.


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