I am using OpenGL library included in VC6.0. I know it is v1.1. However, I want to use OpenGL1.2, What should I do? Just download the new library file? Does OpenGL32.dll need to be changed?

The “standard” software OpenGL implementation from Microsoft, included in the all Windows OS, is version 1.1.
But the graphic card drivers ICD actually often implement a version 1.2 of OpenGL.

Matt, stop me if i’m wrong

Well, I am working with a G200, using the latest drivers. But when I use glGetString(GL_VERSION), it gives me a “1.1”. So that means I am using 1.1 and can not access 1.2?
Does the OpenGL32.dll determine the version I can use to program or the display adapter drivers? If I can use 1.2, how can I get the new .h and .lib ?

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