I am trying to write a program making a checkerboard and I am having lots of problems. My main problem is I am not experience in writing Graphics and OpenGL is not easy for me to work with. I need to know what program I write the data in so I can run the program? If anyone can help me I would be very thankful.

Thank you in advance


This site provides tutorials for beginners, I suggest you work them through:

Post you code in the beginners forum and you will likely get a response from people.

Also you should consider buying the OpenGL Red book, I aint sure if theres a book on the current standard, OpenGL 2.1 but go for the latest edition.

My advice : use the lastest Dev-c++ IDE :
Then go to “Tools -> Package Manager”, and install all the community packages related to GL (such as glut, freeglut, SDL, etc). That way you will be able to start a GL project with a working sample.
Edit: more detailed steps here :

Some tutorials from the GLFW author (great lib by the way) :

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