I was wondering if there is opensource code available that will load geometry from a collada file into and OpenGL application?


Yes, the sample COLLADA viewer is an OpenGL application and it comes with source code:

EDITED, this was obsolete information, please see further in this thread.
– Remi

I am looking for the COLLADA viewer source code, but the link above mentioned does not exist.
Where may I find it?

I’m also interested… is there any viewer for collada specificacion 1.4 ?

We have plans for releasing a sample COLLADA viewer on the sourceforge COLLADA DOM project. It is called COLLADA RT and it is a sample for how to use the DOM to load COLLADA and turn it into a renderable format using opengl.

Our engineer who works on the COLLADA RT is currently on vacation for this week but we plan on our public release shortly after he returns.


I’m really looking forward to it. A small sample of how to use COLLADA DOM makes it much easier to understand how the DOM is structured than figuring everything out yourself …

The COLLADA RT sample code is now available at sourceforge.


I’ve problems with make:

kurumin@pcton:~/sources/COLLADA_RT$ export COLLADA_DOM_VERSION=1.4                 
kurumin@pcton:~/sources/COLLADA_RT$ make
make -C platform/linux
make[1]: Entrando no diretório `/home/kurumin/sources/COLLADA_RT/platform/linux'
ccache g++ -c -g -O2 -std=c++98 -W -Wall  -I/home/kurumin/sources/COLLADA_RT/../COLLADA_DOM/include -I../../include -I../../include/1.4 -I/home/kurumin/sources/COLLADA_RT/../COLLADA_FX/include -I/home/kurumin/sources/COLLADA_RT/../COLLADA_DOM/include/1.4  -DCOLLADA_DOM_VERSION -DCRT_PLATFORM_INCLUDE='"CrtLinux.h"' -DCFX_PLATFORM_INCLUDE='"cfxLinux.h"' -MMD -o objs/../../src/Crt/CrtCommonCg.cpu.o ../../src/Crt/CrtCommonCg.cpp
../../include/Crt/CrtLinux.h:63: error: 'void (* glActiveTexture)(GLenum)' redeclared as different kind of symbol
/usr/include/GL/gl.h:1882: error: previous declaration of 'void glActiveTexture(GLenum)'
../../include/Crt/CrtLinux.h:64: error: 'void (* glClientActiveTexture)(GLenum)' redeclared as different kind of symbol
/usr/include/GL/gl.h:1884: error: previous declaration of 'void glClientActiveTexture(GLenum)'
make[1]: ** [objs/../../src/Crt/CrtCommonCg.cpu.o] Erro 1
make[1]: Saindo do diretório `/home/kurumin/sources/COLLADA_RT/platform/linux'
make: ** [platform/linux-subdir-build] Erro 2

someone can help me ?

Make sure your Cg and OpenGL installations are compatible versions.

Ok… but what the compatibles versions of Cg and OpenGL ?
I’m using linux with OpenGL 1.2 and the Lastest Cg version

Tks for reply.

Maue sure to install Cg 1.5 Beta2. If you are correctly building against that version you should not have a problem.