Can anyone help me set up openGl on windowsME? I ran glsetup, but it says that a driver for my graphics card (or something along those lines) is not available…

what graphic chipset do you have. if its a proper graphic card (most support opengl) so u should be able to download drivers from the manufactures website. if its an onboard graphics chipset (some support opengl eg intel others don’t eg SiS )
best to check the manufactures website for the latest info, as newer drivers are always coming out

I am not exactly sure what graphic chipset i have… how can i find out?

Right click on the desktop, then prefenrences (the lowest option in the popup menu, I’m used to german windows), then the most right folder. Then there’s be something like “[Graphics Adapter] on [Monitor Type]”
Anyway, if your graphics adapter didn’t install windows opengl support automatically I’d think they’re pretty bad.

There’s another thread argueing on the topic in a more sophisticated way!