OpenGL, XP, GeForce 2 Pro, and Freeze/Graphics glitch

System specs:
Intel P4 @ 1.8 GHz
Gigabyte P4 Titan (i850) m/b
Leadtek WinFast GeForce 2 Pro w/ 64 MB DDR
(running reference nVidia drivers, ver. 23.11)
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum
Windows XP Professional

Ever since I’ve upgraded to a Pentium 4 and reinstalled Windows, etc. (Christmas present. I’ve tried to play Half-Life, Quake III: Arena, and Tribes 2, which all run in OpenGL, and after a few minutes of playing, the computer locks up, with the display turning into a mess of coloured horizontal or vertical lines. The sound skips and repeats the last half a second or so and Ctrl-Alt-Del won’t reboot the computer. I’m forced to reboot manually via the tower case.

However, when I try playing EverQuest (Direct3D/DirectX 8 game) I have no problems so far, aside from the occasional lock-up (no gfx glitch however). I have tried re-installing the nVidia drivers and when I check the properties in Tribes 2, it lists me as having version 1.3 of OpenGL. Anyone got any idea how to fix this?

The problem is the nVidia driver version 23.11 - roll back to driver version 21.83 which is Microsoft certified. You can find this driver in the driver archives at nVidia’s web site

had exactly the same problem in RtCW and it probably was the sound card that messed my computer up. I set the sound quality to low and everything went like at dream. try another sound card if changing the settings
in the game don’t solve the problem. I use SB Live 5.1 and Win XP, Radeon 8500.

RTCW sound quality set to low also fixed my rtcw freezing (creative and via are the devil!) see my other post(s) today if interested or suffering the same problem.

I installed the 21.83 drivers for the GeForce 2 Pro and the problem got way, WAY WORSE. I know load into EverQuest (DirectX 8.1 game) and my computer freezes after a few seconds, then reboots itself automatically. When I log back in, XP’s ‘Error Reporting’ thing pops up and says the drivers for the ‘Nvidia GeForce 2 GTS/Pro’ caused a system crash because it wouldn’t accept a display update. I sent the report off to MS so hopefully they can get on nVidia’s case. Going back to the 23.11 drivers so I can at least play Direct3D (going back didn’t fix the OpenGL problem with Q3 and Half-Life anyway).