openGL working incorrectly

I’ve recently formatted my pc. Yesterday I installed half-life and wanted to play a multiplayer game, I set openGL 800x600 resolution and when I tried to enter the game it told me that I have no openGL support so I downloaded the latest driver from (I have Geforce2 mx/mx 400 vga) and openGL works now but the problem is that all the walls have strange colored dots all over them and nothing is clear, also after I played for a few minutes, a blue error screen appeared and my computer restarted.

I’ve never faced this problem before, I tried removing the driver and installing it again but that didn’t solve the problem. Any suggestions? (win xp sp2 user)

Another note: I never had any problems on my old win2000, now it happens on WinXP SP2

Might be a driver problem. Try an older one, like the 40 detonator or similar.

I already tried that, installed an older driver. Same problem. Anyway, my harddisk crashed again so I’m going to low level format it this time and check for bad sectors. Maybe on a freshly installed windows the problem will be gone. :cool: