OpenGL won't initialize

I am trying to get OpenGL to run in the games that need it but it doesn’t. I tried using Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces and it said it couldn’t initialize OpenGL, what is the deal. I have made sure it is installed and according to the Extensions Manager it is enabled, so what gives? Can anyone help?

A few possibilities:

  • if you have an ATI RageIIc, you are screwed when it comes to OpenGL games because you will never get hardware acceleration. This is possible on rev A/ rev B iMacs and the first generation beige G3s

  • you need more memory; install some RAM or if that’s not feasible try turning on virtual memory and jacking it up

  • your video card driver extensions are disabled or some of them are missing

If you need more help, post details about your system & maybe we can figure something out.

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