OpenGL without graphic card?


I was wondering if by any luck there was a way to draw 3d graphics to a file without having a graphic card and under linux ?

I want (for exemple) to draw a character and save it to a jpg and after display on my website : “this is the last character created”.

(i know i have very weird questions ^^")

Thanks :slight_smile:

May be you could try using Mesa 3d.


Is there any tutorial on how to render opengl into a file (bmp for exemple) ?

I can’t find any tutorials on how I can render in opengl something on linux without GUI…


There are none (or very few)

As I tried Linux, I had to research all GLX stuff manually. But If you want to render to a file, the best solution would be using an FBO and reading the color buffer, as rendering to pixmaps (and bitmaps) is not accelerated. You may also use pbuffers if yo wish…

Edit: if you use only mesa, you can use it’s specific stuff. Just look on their web-site under user-specific topics

do you have any example for using pbuffers? i want to do some rendering, save the result to a file, but i don’t want to open any display as it is going to be a background process. can pbuffers be used for this purpose?

pbuffers are quite ugly and non portable. Go for FBO if you can.

Beware that in any case, to actually have OpenGL hardware acceleration, you need to have a working X server, and create a window, even if it is an invisible window.

So I guess you should use Mesa.

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