OpenGL without GLX under Linux

Is it possible to use the OpenGL API without the X-extensions under X11 on Linux (Redhat 9.0 in this case, with complete uptodate RPMs)? If so, I’d appreciate a linked resource or a pointer of some sort, as I seem to be having some difficulty finding much on the main website.

Thanks in advance.

Hmmm I’m not sure what you’re looking for.
Do you want an OpenGL window without X11 ?
Or do you want to use X11 but without GLX ?

I believe I’m looking to use X11 and OpenGL without GLX. I will provide more detail below.

We have a proprietary monitor, with a non XFree86 embedded X server without GLX support, connected to our lan with a static IP. We would like to remotely display on it the output of our OpenGL application running on a linux box on the same lan.

I don’t think you’ll be able to use opengl on that X server without some kind of glue between X and GL. Wouldn’t it be possible though to do all the opengl stuff on the other box and somhow simply transmit and view the rendered picture to the other box?

I think it’s either that, find a way to extend the remote X-server or else just use a different graphics API. I was hoping to avoid that, though. Fooey.

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