Opengl with Watcom

is it possible use opengl with watcom 11?
if i include the library opengl32.lib it comes up with this error whenever i try to use an opengl function
“The instruction at 0x69c2dacd referenced memory at 0xfffffff the memory could not be read”.
if i include opengl.lib instead it will compile but it doesn’t display anything i try to draw.
the same code works perfectly in visual c++.

You should not have any problems using opengl with watcom if you can make a import library from a dll. I do not know much about watcom but I guess it can not use visual c++ import libraries.

Microsofts implementation is the standard so I suggest that you use opengl32.dll

if i use the microsoft opengl libraries the program will not compile at all, so i installed the silicon graphics sdk opengl libraries and now it will compile.
however when i try to draw anything it either doesn’t show up at all or it is messed up, eg in the wrong position and completely the wrong shape. i know the code is ok because it displays right in visual c++.
does anyone else use watcom with opengl, if
so what libraries do you use?
i really need this working in watcom.