OpenGL with VB

Hello every body,
I have programmed grphics for Mechanical Design elements (Machine parts), and structural analysis modeling since 1996. Now I have a great code in VB. Iam very sory that I didn’t write it in C++. Now VB.Net is introduced, is it better to convert to VB.Net or C++?. Can I get the answer?

Visit NeHe site, he has lot of tutorials, also converted to VB.


Hi !

I guess that’s up to you… if you prefer Basic then go ahead and use it, but also notice that VB.NET and VB6 are two very different things, you can also expect a little better performance from a C++ application compared to VB.NET.


I haven’t tried doing OpenGL in VB.Net in particular, but .Net in general uses what they call managed code. This managed code and OpenGL don’t seem to mix very well, at least not in C#. .Net may have it’s uses, but I personally don’t think that OpenGL is something .Net would be very useful for.

So, if your main goal is to use OpenGL, my advice would be to learn C++ rather than VB.Net. If you want to do things like Web Services, VB.Net or C# would be good to learn.