OpenGL with VB and CSG (or any other technique ?!)

Several years ago I wrote a little 3D+2D-CAD.
Now it runs on VB6.0 with OpenGL
Usage is for carpenters. I would like to make some enhancements.

What I need is VB6-Code to …
a) make holes of any shape in my 3D-Elements
(an amount of millimeters or thru the complete Element)
b) make profiled 3D-Elements of any shape

The 3D-Elements consists of several surfaces and object-coord’s.
The contour for the holes/profile is an arbitrary 2D-Polygon.
The new built 3D-Element should be of a nature that it is possible to tesselate it with the gluTessXXX-Functions.

Before I try to make this VB-Code myself, I ask this board:
a) has someone such code ?
b) what’s the price for this code ?

If you have any questions/answers please contact me:

Thank you.
Robert Treichler

What you need is a modelling kernel. But I don’t know one for VB. Maybe ACIS can be used, you can call it in a .dll. A free modelling kernel is the OpenCascade kernel, but i think it requires C++.

If you only want to extrude or rotate objects and don’t want to work further on them (e.g. cut holes), then you can determine all side faces of a ground face and extrude it by yourself.


Many thanks to Kilam Malik.
His tip with OpenCascade may help, because I need a new geometry of my elements, not only extrusions or visual solutions.


PS: Thank-you-e-mail to Kilam Malik refused !?

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