OpenGL with SuberBible7 and Redbook9

Since more then two weeks I try to get the stuff of the two books run. Reading many text and trying a lot of examples. I did not got it fully run.
All I try to do is to learn about OpenGL and realise the examples of the books.
All the stuff is confusing me.
I know about the C+±Concepts OO and classes not as an professional but more as an hobbyist.
Too the chain from compiling over objectcode and linking. It is more theoretical then practical.
But the many OGL-Libs and -includes confusing me. Too the CMake-Concepts everytime everywhere and where to store the things for the compiler. Am I right, if I say, that this to do once, to get it run?
Is there anyone to help me to set it up on my computer to run with codeblocks? I have a basic installation that runs glfw-example. Id like to have two Projekts, one for SB7 and one for RB9. Is this possible via teamviewer?
And if it is not too much, possible too on an Ubuntu 18.04LTS too?
And I am willing to spend a donation for the help to an organisation in the helpers mind.
Best regards
P.S. Zwei Projektordner habe ich hier gepackt zum Ansehen hinterlegt.
P.S. Code::Blocks 17.12 auf Win10Home

Ups. Forgot to write english:
P.S. Two projectfolder there (hier) packked as archive for looking and download

One hint bringing me one step forward: There is in Code::Blocks not only a bulid-option. Too ther’s an rebulid. That makes some of my trys working right. Why that the build not doe’s? Don’t know, but think its in connection with changing of the include- and lib-pathes.
I don’t know too, what I did wrong to get no small hint. But for now I’m thakfull for this, because it forces my searching for a resolution. That brings me to the website of Joey de Vries ( A excellent explanation of the things to do und whats behind the scenes. So thy got my donation.
Have good times and a beautiful year
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Use C# with OpenTK. It is crass-platform. You can install OpenTK from NuGet. This is a translation from LearnOpenGL to OpenTK:

I is more simple way to learn OpenGL. And read this book about shaders: WebGL Programming Guide It is describe shaders very easy.