OpenGL with Sis 6326 8MB AGP card

I have a SiS 6326 8MB AGP card. I cannot play any 3DFX game as the error pops “OpenGL not found” or “Voodoo error” something of this sort. I’d like to know whether I’d be able to play such games if I download OpenGL on Win 98.

The best thing you can do is download the latest version of the drivers that are available for your card, although it appears they haven’t been updated for just over a year now.

Oh, and I just found this in their Support section:

Due to the birth of the SiS6326 was in 1997 and its hardware design was not optimized for Open GL, we are thus regretful to say that 6326 can only support Open GL in a limited way by newer drivers (Ver. 1.26a and after). Make sure that you have the newest driver for your SiS6326 based VGA card to run any Open GL supported games. Driver can be downloaded in our SiS web site or any other card vendors’ web site. However, our newer graphics acceleration chip SiS300 can support Open GL completely and has much better improved performance in term of gaming and graphics processing.