Opengl with Radeon Mobility

I have been searching for the solutions for this problem since I got a laptop. I noticed that many many many people have the same problem. However, I have not seen a solution for it yet. So can I dare ask does anyone have the solution so I can play Opengl games in WinXp with Radeon Mobility 7000?

I know Opengl is installed; I have the files for it with the latest ATI drivers. I see the menu for it in the advance display tab. I can run the 3dmaze in windows. However, whenever a game tries to access it, it says it cant find load the subfile just like everyone else.

I really do think, it maybe a windows XP problem. Would installing service patch one solve the problem?

I’ve no idea whether SP1 (actually SP1a now) would solve your problem, but I’d advise you to apply it anyway. It’s fixed so many irritations on a number of systems for me and if you look at what’s included on MS, there’s a whole load of bug fixes …

Try it


The problem might be in the code. I noticed when programming with vertex arrays the system crashed sometimes but the fault was in the code. When I corrected this, the system was stable.

If you get correct drivers from your laptop vendor, then OpenGL should work. Check your laptop vendor’s driver download site (ATI doesn’t have “generic” drivers for laptops, because each laptop is different).

Beware, though: the Mobility 7000 (and the IGP and Mobility IGP 9100) does NOT have hardware vertex transform; it uses the CPU to do that. Performance is not anywhere near that of a hardware transform product such as a Mobility 7500.