openGL with Counter strike 1.3

In CS 1.3 the mode openGL dont work . before i have an tnt2 and it s work but now i ve a radeon 7500 evil master and the OpenGL mode dont work . Plz help me.

I have an ATI RAdeon VE and openGL worked fine fore a while, but now it suddenly stopped working… ATI cards arent meant to be used with openGL, but then why did mine work for 2 months and suddenly stop? please anyone with any idea on how to fix this post a reply!

-An addicted CS player

I have an ATI RADEON 7200 64mb AGP, and i couldn’t get opengl on my computer to work for about 3 weeks, and now its been about a month since i have gotten it and the only problem with cs is that i have the overflow message when i play for like 2 minutes, with opengl, but it’s no bother, works on every other game…

the overflow problem is ATI specific, and they put out a patch for it, you can get it from here:

good luck bro