openGL with c++/cli.NET

Hi, I’m new in OpenGL and I have one question. I make application in and I need to show 3D space and draw planes and lines. My question : is OpenGL can work under and can I use GLUT or something other?

Ckeck out the Tao bindings and the OpenTK library.

Thank :slight_smile:

If you are using C++/CLI (in /clr or /clr:pure modes) or Managed C++ then you can use OpenGL in same way as from native code. No need to use managed libraries.

That’s a good strategy since it exposes some optimization possibilities in marshaling your own data. There’s some overhead in passing huge arrays to GL through interop and API interaction in general either way though…

I really like the fact that you can bind and use OpenGL directly in C# (can’t really do that with DX without an awful lot of work).

There is Managed D3D10, which is used also in FX Composer. It also has .NET wrappers for D3D9